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Time to re-think the costs of video production!

Our studio is located in Boone at the Livery building top floor.

Our team of professionals is tiny and our multi-talented individuals means we supply advertisers and video needs at an alarmingly reduced rate compared to just about everyone else.

We are not brand new, we have been making films for years under different hats in Iowa and beyond.

We know which elements are needed to make a memorable commercial. And that's the key. Remember it!

Camera sound and lighting technology has changed so much recently you may be surprised by the reduced  gear when we show up for filming.

We can do anything the big studios can do, including high-end animated graphics. Drone shots are easy.

Our invoice will astound you. As a marketing director, you may need to get a few quotes for your project.
How can we do this? Almost no overhead that's how!

It's that simple. And those savings are passed on to the advertiser!

Do you know what makes for a great commercial? We do. Are you concerned about Corporate Branding and image? We get that too.

David Whitney
Owner, ScreenScape Productions
Boone, Iowa